Saturday, July 23, 2016

2017 Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd

10 MILE - 25K - 50K - 100K - 100 MILE 
Artwork for last years shirt. We'll have something equally awesome for this year's shirt!!!


The seventh annual 2017 Pumpkin Holler 100-Mile, 100K, 50K, 25K, and 10-mile races will take part in the beautiful J.T. Nickel Preserve.  The largest privately protected conservation area in the Ozark, the Nickel Preserve is a17,000-acre remote area northeast of Tahlequah, Ok, and runs alongside the scenic Illinois River. The preserve was formed in 2000 as the result of a land gift from the John Nickel Family. This 17,000-acre landscape rests in eastern Oklahoma's rolling Cookson Hills and has many spring-fed creeks amid a rugged topography of steep slopes and narrow valleys.  The surrounding areas are characterized by steep canyons and narrow ridges, harboring a mosaic of oak-hickory forest, lofty pine woodland, and a diverse mix of savanna, shrub-land and prairie.

The course consists of gravel country two lane roads with several hills. It is home to grassy prairies, an extensive system of tributaries feed the Illinois River to the south. The tree covered trail will be bursting with yellows, and reds and browns as the trees are just beginning to turn colors and show off their magnificent fall foliage. We simply believe that we have found a little slice of heaven in our "perfect world".

Some NEW info for this year.
1. The start/finish line has moved. (It will be about 1/4 mile west n(still on Eagle Bluff property) where you'll have a full view of the ugly new bridge and our runners crossing, and they'll have a view of the finish line.

2. For the 50K, 100K, and 100 Mile, there will be an out and back from the Nature Center that will be done only on the first loop. Of course, it involves running up a hill--would you want it any other way? 50Kers will go approximately 3/4 mile out and back. 100K will go approximately 1.5 miles out and back. 100 milers will go approximately 5.5  miles out and back. (There will be an aid station for the 100 m lers where they turn around.)  NOTE: THIS OUT AND BACK IS ONLY DONE ON YOUR FIRST LOOP. Upon returning to the Nature Center, you are back on the big loop and you head toward East of Eden and the Great Gourd Challenge--should you be daring enough to try to conquer the Gourd. (Trust me--it'll be worth it!)

3. Runners who decide to drop to a shorter distance:
   A. If you drop from the 100 Mile to the 100K or 50K, you will get the appropriate medal
   B. If you drop from the 100K to the 50K, you will get the 50K medal.
   C. Dropping down to the shorter distances will result in your running MORE than distance you                 drop to. This can't be helped. Do not chop off part of the distance of your last lap.You must                 finish ALL of your last lap.
   D. There are no provisions for dropping from an ultra distance to he 25K or 10 Mile.
   E. You cannot drop from the 25K to the 10K. If you do not finish the distance in these races, you do         not get a medal.
   F. Do not ask for a buckle if you have not finished the 100-mile race. Ain't happening.

6. The 25K does not cross the Nature Preserve as in previous years. The 25K will run on the big loop past Mad Dog aid station, and you'll turn around at THEM IDIOTS aid station.

7. There is no longer a 10K at Pumpkin Holler The new 10 Mile race goes on the main big loop and runs to Mad Dog and turns around and returns to the finish line. It's slightly longer than 10 miles. You are welcome.

8. There will be a bandit aid station at the Y intersection 1.5 miles from the end for thirsty runners       and for those heading out on their 2nd, or 3rd loops.

Pre-Race Meeting

There will be a non-mandatory pre-race meeting and dinner where we will go over the course, drop bags, cut-offs etc.  Please attend if you have questions. The location for the dinner and pre-race meeting will be announced as soon as details are worked out.

This race is part of the Oklahoma Dirt Trail Race Series.

Schedule of Events

Friends and family members can pick up packets for other runners.  The one rule is that you MUST let the other runner(s) know in advance that you are picking up their packet so that they do not try to find a packet that has already been picked up for them !!!!!

Packet pickup will be at the following times:
  •  Friday October 20 from 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm at a  location in Tahlequh to be announced soon.
  • Saturday October 21 from 5:30 am to 9:30 am at the start/finish line at Eagle Bluff Resort 9800 HWY 10 Tahlequah OK.

Packet Pick-up 4:00 – 7:30 PM
Race Briefing 7pm-8pm

Saturday, October 21 - CHECK - IN AND RACE START
 Eagle Bluff Campground 9800 HWY 10 NE of Tahlequah, OK 
Racer Check-In (Mandatory) 5:00 AM –7:30 (50K, 100K, 100M) 9am - 9:45 AM (25K)
Start of 100 Mile, 100K, & 50K - 8:00 AM (there is an optional early start at 6:00 am for 100 milers.)
Start of 25K and 10K - 10:00 AM

Sunday, October 16
Eagle Bluff Campground S/F area 
Cutoff time for all runners 2:00 PM

Great Gourd Challenge

Some of you may have heard of the Great Gourd Challenge.
This extra one mile out and back (0.5 miles out and 0.5 miles back) is open to all the 50K , 100K, and 100 Mile entrants.

100 milers, 100Kers, and 50Kers wishing to take this challenge will receive a Great Gourd memento and must complete the challenge on the first lap. 

There are no exceptions as to what lap you can do the challenge.

Course Map with Crew Routes
(A new map will be posted soon)

(Better if printed in color)


The course consists of a 29.7 mile loop with a short out and back located at mile 13.8 at the Nature Center.  50K runners will do one loop. 100K runners will do two loops and 100 milers will do three loops. You only do the out and back on your first loop.

10 Milers will do 5ish miles out to Mad Dog, and then back. 
25Kers will do an out and back to the Road Kill Bar and Grill.

The course consists of 29.7 miles of dirt roads with crushed dime size gravel outside of the tire mark areas.  (Do not get out a dime and measure the rocks.) Three miles of the course is on a two lane paved asphalt road with no shoulders. (Some people like this stretch as there are fewer dime sized rocks.)

***Changes in aid station mileages will be updated***

Aid Station
Crew Spot
Drop Bags
Last Lap Cut Off
Mad Dog
Them Idiots
Savannah Corner

East of Eden
"Hard Up" Ahead
Bath Tub Rocks
Last Gasp

Course Elevation

This is the course elevation of ONE of the  29.7 mile loops.  As you can see--the course is relatively flat. Take out the 6-8 nasty hills, and it's a pancake.  :-) Seriously, the hill at mile 4.5 is a bitch. The hills around 13-15 are decent but do not seem as bad. The hills at mile 25-28 are doozies. All of the hills are longer and steeper on the second time around. They are off the charts for those doing three loops. For those who feel like dying on their last loop, we do have a local cemetery on the course.

Race Rules

1. Numbers must be worn on the front and outside of what you are wearing. It is the runner’s        responsibility to make sure their number has been checked in at each aid station.
1a. Any entrant who gets off course for any reason must re-enter at the same location that he/she left the course. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

2. Absolutely no littering! This entire course is run on county roads along the banks of the scenic Illinois River and the perimeter of the Nickel Nature Preserve, and we do not want to jeopardize our ability to utilize this land.  Littering includes Gu tear-off tabs, banana peels, candy wrappers and other trash (organic or not).

3. Runners are responsible for the actions of their crews.

4. You may not stash supplies along the course.

5. You may have as many pacers as you wish, but only one pacer at a time.

6. Any runner dropping out shall immediately notify the nearest aid station or race management at the start/finish area and return his or her timing chip.

7. Runners accepting a ride for any reason are deemed out of the race and may not re-enter.

8. Runners receiving aid from crews or pacers outside the designated crew access points are subject to disqualification.

8a. Medical personnel, the race director, and aid station captains have the right to pull a runner if they feel the runner may be a danger to himself/herself. The quickest way to be pulled from the race is to let yourself get severely dehydrated.

9. Cutoff times are non-negotiable. 

10. All runners will abide by the directions of race management.

11. Violations of any rule will be grounds for disqualification.

12. Decisions of Race Management are final.

Drop Bags

 1. The 50K, 100K, and 100-Mile may have drop bags at the Start/Finish, Them Idiots, Savannah Corner, and Hard Up Ahead Aid Stations.

2.   Drop bags should be a waterproof bag or small box type container. Trash bags, heavy duty plastic bags, recycled grocery tote bags, gym bags, sport bags, small ice chests, Tupperware or Rubbermaid containers all work well. Paper bags or cardboard boxes are not good materials for drop bags.

3.   Drop bags must be labeled in large letters with: YOUR NUMBER, YOUR NAME, the aid station where you want the bag to be delivered to. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY CAUSE YOUR DROP BAG TO NOT MAKE IT TO YOUR DESIRED DESTINATION.

4.  The drop bags must be placed in the designated areas near the start/finish line 45 minutes before race time to be delivered to the aid stations.

5.   The 50K and 100K runners who want their drop bags as soon as they are finished with their race will need to follow the crew map directions and drive out to the aid station(s) to pick them up. After the last 100 mile runners leave the drop bag aid stations, the drop bags will be delivered to the start/finish area.

6.   No runners or runner’s crew may drive on the course to get their drop bags but should follow the crew maps to get there via paved roads. It is actually much quicker that way.

7. Please remember to take your drop bags home with you.

Rules for Pacers

1.  50K, 25K, and 10K runners may not have a pacer.

2.  Pacers will be allowed for all 100K, 100 mile runners AFTER the first 50K loop is completed. 

3.  Each runner may have as many pacers as they like, however only one pacer at a time can accompany the runner. 

4.  No runner can have two pacers running with them at the same time. The one exception is when the runner crosses the bridge for the last time. Anywhere between there and the finish, friends/family members may run the last little bit with their runner.

5.  All pacers must wear a pacer number that matches the runner whom they are pacing.

6.  Pacers do not pay an entry fee and are welcome to all of the aid that the runner receives.

7.  Pacers will be required to follow the same set of rules as the racer.

8.  Pacers must be over 18 years of age or have the signed permission from a parent or legal guardian.

9.  Runners ages 60 and older may have a pacer for the entire 100 mile or 100K distance.

10.  Pacers are for mental support rather than physical support. 

11.  Pacer may not provide ANY physical support at any time other than at a crew accessible aid station. This includes helping a runner up to his/her feet who has fallen, lancing a blister or massaging a cramp etc. However, it is the pacers duty to provide physical aid if the runner is in physical danger. The runner will be DQ'd but SAFETY IS THE NUMBER ONE CONCERN!

12.  Pacers may not "Mule" for a runner at any time. Muling is carrying and/or supplying water, extra clothing, medical supplies or any other type of aid to the runner. This provides an unfair advantage to those who choose not to use a pacer.

13  Each pacer must clearly identify themselves when passing through the aid stations.


About camping. There is plenty of tent camping at Eagle Bluff. Some of the tent campsites have electrical hookups, and some also have water. electric, and some also have water. There are also a few RV campsites with full hookups. You can call to make a reservation at 918-894-5369. Or you can reserve online at
For those who prefer roughing at the Holiday Inn Express or similar accommodations,…
There's also a Best Western that looks OK.…

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